A November press release from GSK indicates a rise in revenue and profit, attributed to its Shingrix vaccine for shingles. Pharmaphorum suggests that, since the “spin-off” from Haleon in July it has “exceeded analysts’ estimates”.  

Positive quarter 

GSK recorded an 18% increase in revenue to £7.8 billion and an 18% operating profit increase to £2.6 billion. It now predicts further sales growth of between 8% and 10%. Pharmaphorum describes how Shingrix “generated sales of £760 million” in the quarter. This is up 51% and “around $75 million ahead of expectations”.  


Shingrix is a shingles (herpes zoster) and post-herpetic neuralgia vaccine that the EMA recommends for adults over the age of 50 or for adults at higher risk over the age of 18. The EMA suggests that it is designed to “prevent shingles in people who have been in contact with the varicella zoster virus and have already developed antibodies against the virus”. With surface antigens and an adjuvant, the vaccine is expected to encourage faster antibody development in patients. GSK expects “strong double-digit growth and record sales in 2022” for Shingrix. This is based on demand in existing markets and continued geographical expansion”.  

Dame Emma Walmsley, GSK’s CEO, described the quarter’s performance as “excellent”. She looks forwards to “Shingrix global expansion” and “expected new launches including our new RSV vaccine”.  

“We are also making good progress to strengthen our early-stage pipeline and will continue to invest in targeted business development to build optionality and support growth in the second half of the decade.” 

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