Following our previous post, in which we introduced the C-E of our start-up zone for the World Vaccine Congress in Washington, we are excited to share a further update: G-I of the start-up zone. If you are interested in joining your colleagues in the start-up area, please make an application or contact for more details.  

If your application is successful, you will receive the following benefits:   

  • 1m wall space in the Start-up Zone   
  • 2 passes to the conference and exhibition   
  • Branding and marketing materials   
  • Access to our networking portal   

Further details can be found on the Congress website; don’t delay as spaces are limited! 

Who is already in the zone? 
Genvax Technologies 

Genvax (GV) utilises self-amplifying messenger RNA (saRNA) combined nanoparticles to manufacture vaccines for the prevention of infectious diseases in animals. An emphasis will be placed on creating herd-specific vaccines that can be rapidly deployed to match the genetic sequence of pathogens occurring in livestock operations. 

Green Elephant Biotech 

Green Elephant Biotech is a start-up founded in 2021 by Dr. Joel Eichmann and Felix Wollenhaupt in Giessen, Germany. The core idea behind Green Elephant Biotech is to reduce CO2 emissions of single-use plastics within the biotech and pharma industry. The company enables the production of sophisticated therapeutics and vaccines through efficient and scalable cell cultivation devices and consumables while using plant-based materials. 

HDT Bio 

HDT Bio is a Seattle-based, clinical-stage biopharmaceutical development company.  With core technology and expertise in nucleic acid formulation, the company develops products that seek to harness host-directed immune responses.  HDT Bio’s work focuses on infectious disease and oncology vaccines and therapeutics through early-stage collaborations with partners worldwide.

The company’s vaccine platform, repRNA/LION™, combines formulation and adjuvant ingredients to stabilize and deliver self-amplifying RNA to the immune system to stimulate responses. HDT Bio’s COVID-19 vaccine is the first self-amplifying RNA vaccine to ever receive a regulatory authorisation. 


Idevax is a medical device company based in Antwerp, Belgium. The company was founded in December 2020.  

Idevax develops, produces, and commercialises innovative medical devices. The company’s flagship product is VAX-ID, a device allowing for accurate, reliable, and user-independent intradermal drug delivery. VAX-ID is an award-winning, patented device. Idevax is in the process of obtaining its ISO13485 certification as well as CE marking and FDA approval of its drug delivery device as a Class IIa device.

Key applications of the device include prophylactic and therapeutic vaccine delivery as well as immunotherapy. Idevax was founded by seasoned entrepreneurs, Koen Beyers and Vanessa Vankerckhoven and forms with Daniele Scalco Vasconcelos, MSc, and Momen Rbeihat, MD, a team of 4 people.    

Integrated Pharma Services 

Integrated Pharma Services (IPS) is a woman-owned award-winning Contract Research Organisation (CRO). IPS utilises Ph.D. level scientists and skilled technical staff to design, troubleshoot, conduct, analyse, and report the scientific data.   

IPS’ unique scientific expertise and customised approach for each client results in providing high quality scientific data and insight into improved and expedited product development.  IPS has a strong scientific reputation and track record of providing customers the supporting data needed to advance their candidate therapeutic and diagnostic products.

Fully equipped labs contain all the essential elements for performing work with live microorganisms. They have an elaborate biorepository of bacterial and fungal agents including antibiotic-resistant clinical isolates.  IPS clients range from small to multi-billion-dollar companies. 


InSilicoTrials is an emerging startup founded in 2018 by a team of life science, cybersecurity and digital innovation experts, aiming to revolutionise healthcare through an innovative digital simulation platform, where complex computational simulations run in an easy and cost-effective way to hyper- accelerate drug & medical device development.

The platform primarily targets users from the medical devices and pharmaceutical sectors. The in silico tools available for medical devices enable computational testing in different biomedical areas like radiology, orthopaedics, and cardiovascular during product design, development, and validation processes. For the pharmaceutical sector, the platform provides access to in silico tools developed at all stages of the drug discovery and development processes and for many different therapeutic areas.

The in silico technology can increase the quality of life of millions of patients by allowing cheaper treatments, bringing innovative drugs to the market in a shorter time, together with personalised cures and new solutions for rare diseases.