A business agreement signed between GC Biopharma and EuBiologics in August 2023 allows the companies to jointly produce EuBiologic’s oral cholera vaccine, Euvichol. The agreement was signed at company headquarters in Yongin, Gyeonggi-do. According to the collaboration terms EuBiologics, who currently develops and supplies the vaccine, will assume responsibility for early-stage production processes, with GC Biopharma taking over for the finished product process, vial filling and packaging.  


The oral cholera vaccine is used for the prevention of cholera, “mainly in Africa and Asia”. It was developed in collaboration with the International Vaccine Institute. It has been supplied to low- and middle-income countries through the WHO Stockpile, funded by Gavi. EuBiologics states that it can be “easily administered” without a separate buffer and can be “supplied at affordable pricing”.  

“Euvichol-Plus is in disposible plastic tubes designed for easier storage, transportation, and wastage management”.  

Furthermore, the company suggests that the plastic is easier to administer than glass vial presentation.  

Supplying UNICEF 

After WHO prequalification approval in 2015, EuBiologics began supplying UNICEF in 2016. KoreaBioMed suggests that last year cumulative shipments exceeded 100 million doses. After an increase in cholera outbreaks across the globe, UNICEF has requested additional stock. As EuBiologics is responsible for “100% of UNICEF’s cholera vaccine doses”, the pressure is on. The companies suggest that joint production for UNICEF will begin early next year.  

Coming together 

EuBiologics Vice President Min Kyeong-ho expects the partnership to “help us increase our supplu” and “prevent the spread of cholera”. 

“Cholera outbreaks are on the rise around the world as global warming leads to more frequent droughts and floods, and the current vaccine supply is not keeping up with demand.” 

Head of Global Business at GC Biopharma is Lee Woo-jin, who suggests the companies will “continue to collaborate in various ways” to “contribute to improving public health around the world”.  

“Based on our differentiated capabilities, we will do our best to increase the supply of cholera vaccines.”  

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