As we gear up for October’s World Vaccine Congress in Europe, we are delighted to see our start-up zone growing with new and familiar names. Read on to hear about some of the companies joining us, and to learn about the opportunities you could secure by adding your name to the list.  

Why be a start-up at the World Vaccine Congress? 

Start-ups whose applications are successful are entitled to several unique benefits, including exhibition wall space, 2 complimentary passes, and marketing materials. For the first time at this event, there is the opportunity to participate in a 5-minute pitch during lunch breaks, an exciting way of introducing yourselves to colleagues and potential partners.  

Our wonderful start-up manager, Isabella Aung, will receive your application and guide you through the process. She is looking forward to hearing more from interested companies, so do get in touch with her here via email ( or head straight to the application page here.  

“I am super excited to connect with and welcome even more start-ups to our start-up zone at our Congress this October! It’s going to be our biggest and most exciting start-up zone yet!” 
Spotlight on… 

We are pleased to introduce our community to some of the start-ups who have already secured their space. To see the growing list and find out more, click here.  

Àvida Biotech  
  • An early-stage social biotechnology company developing vaccines and therapies to reduce the global burden of infectious diseases caused by viruses.  
  • The pipeline is based on a broad-spectrum antiviral product that can be used as a scaffold to make Live-Attenuated Virus vaccines. 
Green Elephant Biotech 
  • The team tackles the environmental burden of non-renewable plastic ubiquity in research and biopharmaceuticals by innovatively using the plant-based polymer Polylactic Acid (PLA) to produce sustainable solutions for adherent cell cultivation and bioprocessing.  
  • The CellScrew is a novel, single-use, PLA flask for adherent cell expansion in upstream bioprocessing, with structural features that give rise to high growth area to volume ratio, ease of handling, and extensive scalability potential.  
  • Merging sustainability and production efficiency, GEB strives towards technical innovations that transform bioprocessing for life-changing advanced cell-based therapeutics and biopharmaceutical solutions.  
Pharma Latch 
  • An innovative intradermal drug delivery platform by Latch Medical. 
  • The Pharma Latch Hollow device works with any liquid formulation, overcoming traditional challenges faced by intradermal delivery solutions. It is precise, repeatable, and extremely simple to use.  
  • Aiming to improve population health through digital health innovation, VacTrack has created an end-to-end vaccination solution with an integrated booking and management platform alongside personalised recommendations.  
  • This will help improve uptake and adherence of vaccinations through an elegant solution to the barriers of hesitancy and access.   

We were excited to speak to Gabi Hakim, CEO and co-founder of VacTrack, at the Congress in Washington in April. You can check this out here!  

If you would like to join your colleagues in this exciting and continuously growing start-up zone, fill out an application here or contact Isabella here: 

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