Following our previous posts, moving through the start-up zone at the World Vaccine Congress in Washington at speed, we are excited to share a further update: P-N of the start-up zone. If you are interested in joining your colleagues in the start-up area, please make an application or contact for more details.  

If your application is successful, you will receive the following benefits:   

  • 1m wall space in the Start-up Zone   
  • 2 passes to the conference and exhibition   
  • Branding and marketing materials   
  • Access to our networking portal   

Further details can be found on the Congress website; don’t delay as spaces are limited! 

Who is already in the zone? 
Pharma Latch 

Pharma Latch by Latch Medical is an innovative intradermal drug delivery platform.  Their Pharma Latch Hollow device works with any liquid formulation and overcomes the traditional challenges faced by other intradermal delivery solutions.  It is precise, repeatable and extremely simple to use. 

They are based in Dublin, Ireland and have recently secured investment from West Pharma allowing us scale up development.  

Market Access Africa 

Market Access Africa is a mission-driven healthcare organisation that works with the public, private, and third sectors to design and deliver transformational healthcare solutions for Africa.

They envision an Africa where world-class healthcare is the standard, and where deep-rooted inequities are a thing of the past. To solve complex problems on the ground, they curate and advance bold ideas that accelerate access to the best innovations and appropriate solutions for Africa’s health systems.  

They are daring to raise the level of ambition for what is possible in African healthcare by partnering with organisations across the healthcare ecosystem to develop bespoke solutions that recognise and leverage the uniqueness and dynamism of the different African countries where they work. 

Mural Health 

Mural Health is a technology company dedicated to making it easier to be a participant in clinical trials. Mural Health’s technology platform, Mural Link, is a patient-first technology that is primarily designed for the benefit of the study participant but also improves site operations and drives critical strategic value to study sponsors.

Mural Link is a participant management platform that helps improve the trial experience for patients and caregivers. Mural Link uses modern payment, transportation, and communication solutions to drive retention, compliance, and data quality. 


NeedleSmart based in Liverpool and has offices in Philadelphia. It is market-leading hardware and software solution, offering the world’s first end-to-end safe needle destruction technology.

All NeedleSmart hardware can sterilise the destroyed needle, directly reducing needlestick injuries (NSI) while dramatically reducing disposal costs and carbon emissions associated with the disposal process. 

The flagship product – NeedleSmart Pro, can destroy a contaminated hypodermic needle in a sealed chamber in six seconds, minimising post-procedural NSI. It heats the needle to 2372 degrees Fahrenheit, killing potentially harmful pathogens, viruses and bacteria adhering to the needle. In seconds, the needle is compressed into a tiny ball and released from the NeedleSmart device as a safe sphere of metal at the tip of the syringe.

NeedleSmart have recently achieved FDA approval as a Class II medical device.  The device is now being used in NHS trusts across the UK as part of the nationwide pilot, where its focus is shared between safety enhancement, carbon reduction and sustainability.

The NeedleSmart software pairs with the NeedleSmart hardware gathering in real-time critical “injection event” information, while offering significant time, a reduction in clinical burnout, and offers significant improvements in data hygiene, and recordation capability. 

Nou Bio 

NouBio is a VC-backed biotech company focused on the development of sustainable and animal-free products for biotechnology. NouBio has formulated a replacement for FBS in cell culture with significantly reduced cost and sustainability over FBS.  

In addition, their microcarrier technology has enabled them to cultivate cells at a large scale using biodegradable and edible materials. They believe their innovations can find wide applications in cell therapy, vaccine and antibody production, and alternative protein sectors.