Vaxxas announced in September 2022 that it will receive an AU$8.2 million grant from the Australian Federal Government as part of the Modern Manufacturing Initiative (MMI). This will promote the scale-up of its “potentially game-changing technology” that enables vaccine administration through a small patch on the skin.  

Who and what? 

Vaxxas describes itself as “commercialising novel technology that dramatically enhances the performance of existing and next-generation vaccines”. This needle-free technology offers myriad possibilities for vaccination. The approach “can enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of a vaccine’s immune response”.  

The HD-MAP, high-density microarray patch, uses an ultra-high-density array of micro projections. Applied to the skin this patch delivers the vaccine to the cells just below the skin’s surface. Through “production efficiencies, breadth and speed of access, and population coverage”, it is set to improve both routine and emergency vaccination programmes.  

First and second round funding 

In 2021 Vaxxas received AU$4.4 million to “support the specialised infrastructure” needed to manufacture its HD-MAP. This takes place at its biomedical facility in Brisbane. This is under construction and is expected to open in 2023. The opening will create several jobs and facilitates the “growth and development of the biotech and medtech sectors” in the area.  

The second round of funding allows Vaxxas to “develop and establish a sterile production line” with “proprietary aseptic fill and finish processes at the facility”. The production facility will also support clinical trials and commercial production.  CEO David Hoey remarked that the team are “incredibly grateful to the Australian Federal Government”.  

“It is fantastic to see the government backing innovations by local companies that have the potential to make a difference to lives in Australia and around the world.”  

The MMI launched in October 2020 with the intention of co-funding large manufacturing projects to drive “lasting change” in the sector. Vaxxas will be working with the Department of Industry, Science, and Resources to finalise further details.  

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