With just 7 weeks until the World Vaccine Congress in Washington in April we are still announcing the amazing start-ups registered so far. This week we are pleased to introduce the S-U of the start-up zone! If you are interested in joining your colleagues in the start-up area, please make an application or contact isabella.aung@terrapinn.com for more details.    

If your application is successful, you will receive the following benefits:     

  • 1m wall space in the Start-up Zone     
  • 2 passes to the conference and exhibition     
  • Branding and marketing materials     
  • Access to our networking portal     

Further details can be found on the Congress website; don’t delay as spaces are limited! 

Who is already in the zone? 

Temperature excursions in the cold chain can be costly, and even dangerous. At sensified.io, the mission is to provide next generation monitoring solutions, using the latest wireless, mobile, and cloud technologies, to help you show your customers and carriers that you’re serious about cold chain security.  

Their Seguro temperature trackers, in conjunction with the sensified.io cloud platform, provide end-to-end, cloud-connected shipment monitoring, including advanced features like location, push notifications, and integration with popular carriers. 


STM’s mission is to improve domestic and global health and wellness through equitable access to highly effective vaccines. STM has developed the only microneedle platform that can deliver single or multi- longitudinal dose vaccines/therapeutics in one patch. To support greater vaccine deployment, STM’s technology eliminates the need for booster administrations, cold-chain transportation/storage, even for mRNA biologics, reduces the burden on medical personnel, and creates no biohazard waste. For patients, STM’s patch increases access by reducing repeat clinic visits, improves their immunity, and eliminates pain. 

STM’s core technology is an easily administered patch applied to the skin to embed arrays of microneedles (MNs). Minutes later, the patch is removed and MNs are imperceptibly embedded in superficial skin. The MNs are a biodegradable polymer, like those in sutures, and are engineered to release vaccines immediately, repeatedly, or over a period of time, in a single application.  

This technology supports all types of vaccines and therapeutics, including subunit protein-based antigens, vector-based vaccines, mRNAs, or any compound that benefits from multiple/longitudinal dosing. Patches are stabilized against high temperatures to avoid the need for a refrigerated supply chain and affirming the antigenicity while in the skin. STM patches are also being planned for medications, animal applications, and certain compounds in the nutraceutical market. 

Ten Bio 

Ten Bio is an international research partner organisation founded in 2020, backed by a heritage of decades of laboratory research and development. They provide optimal human skin models for all ex vivo skin testing needs. By restoring and maintaining the physiological tension of real human skin, Ten Bio has succeeded in creating a truly functional and realistic ex vivo testing platform for skin-based research.

Their technology and research services generate exacting and clinically relevant data to more accurately predict product safety and efficacy in vivo, thus lowering R&D costs and accelerating product development.
Their clients and research partners receive a wealth of support from their earliest engagement and can take advantage of a full spectrum of expertise, including experimental design and execution, as well as an extensive catalogue of SOP’s to accelerate R&D programs. They offer a comprehensive range of analysis techniques, including histological (including advanced microscopy), RT-qPCR, proteomics, transcriptomics and complete data analytics and interpretation packages for a wide range of application areas. 

US Speciality Formulations 

Dr. Flanigan is leading his team to bring QYNDR, an oral mucosal vaccine delivery platform currently targeting the COVID-19 vaccine, to market – one that will be easier to use, longer lasting and with fewer side effects.  

USSF is a thriving biotech and pharmaceutical facility. Today, the 41,000-square-foot manufacturing facility spans over two acres and has become a hub of experts creating diverse solutions, applications and approaches to help clients overcome hurdles in drug discovery and development. USSF provides clinical materials for several clinical trials being conducted both in the USA and abroad.  
With a credentialed portfolio that includes a range of vaccine candidates, small molecule formulations, and botanical pharmaceutical-grade extracts, USSF has the expertise and equipment to bring a safe, accessible mucosal COVID-19 vaccine to market. They pivoted the formula from an oral DTaP (Diphtheria), a childhood vaccine most of the population received initially targeted for human clinical trials in early 2020. 
USSF is a minority-controlled business. The company produces under-contract sterile injectables, topicals and other specialty pharmaceuticals. It manufactures its own branded prescription products, in addition to providing clinical materials for investigational new drug applications, specialty formulations, adjuvants and fermentation and purification services requested by a variety of biotech companies.