As excitement builds for the World Vaccine Congress in Washington this April we are pleased to share a further update to our start-up zone: O-R. If you are interested in joining your colleagues in the start-up area, please make an application or contact for more details.   

If your application is successful, you will receive the following benefits:    

  • 1m wall space in the Start-up Zone    
  • 2 passes to the conference and exhibition    
  • Branding and marketing materials    
  • Access to our networking portal    

Further details can be found on the Congress website; don’t delay as spaces are limited! 

Who is already in the zone? 
One Health Ventures  

One Health Ventures (OHV) is an early-stage company developing a proprietary, recombinant, genetic toxoid vaccine against epsilon toxin (ETX).  

Produced from a common bacteria Clostridium perfringens Types B/D, ETX causes enterotoxaemia, a fatal disease in sheep and goats. ETX has also been implicated in Multiple Sclerosis (MS), which affects 2.5 million people worldwide and for which there is currently no cure. Levels of ETX, antibodies to ETX and relevant bacterial strains are significantly higher in MS patients compared to healthy controls.  

OHV seeks a commercial partner(s) to help advance the program into clinic as novel vaccine for MS in humans. 

Pegasus Biotech Inc. 

Pegasus Biotech is a Contract Organisation focused on biopharmaceuticals and DNA vaccines for human and animal health markets. Their mission is to work with clients to bring cutting-edge innovation to the global human and animal health markets.  

Their area of expertise is ensuring that CMC development activities for client projects (process and analytical development), in the proof-of-concept stage or moving into production, result in commercially viable products that are compliant with global regulations. 

Piezo Therapeutics 

Piezo Therapeutics aims to transform the delivery of nucleic acid medicines to enable improved safety, affordability, and scalability. Piezo is developing a uniquely engineered platform that uses electric pulses and microneedles to deliver a broad range of therapeutics inside the body.  

Its piezoelectric technology offers improved safety and efficacy, and is simple, cost-effective, and rapid to produce at scale. Piezo’s platform has the potential to replace lipid nanoparticles for the delivery of RNA/DNA medicines by addressing key issues including high costs, manufacturing complexity, and poor stability.  

Founded by experts in the field of drug delivery and commercial translation, and backed by Open Philanthropy, Piezo’s diverse team aims to help translate the next generation of nucleic acid medicines. 


ReNewVax has developed a vaccine discovery platform based on the exploitation of genomic analysis and ex vivo human predictive models. Their lead program, RVX-001, is a best-in-class vaccine designed to induce universal immunity against pneumococcus infection, the most common cause of bacterial pneumonia and the largest pre-pandemic vaccine market. Programs for Group A and Group B Streptococcus are also in the ReNewVax pipeline – key pathogens in the fight against AntiMicrobial Resistance (AMR).
Research targeted at reducing the global burden of pneumococcal diseases has led to the development of vaccines such as PPSV-23 (Merck), PCV-13 (Pfizer), and others. These vaccines have had a major impact, and before the pandemic, pneumococcal vaccines had become the largest global vaccine market with annual sales of around £7bn in 2020 and projected to reach £14.7bn by 2027. 

Although existing vaccines have proven to be effective at reducing the occurrence of pneumococcal disease, they are only effective against the limited number of pneumococcal strains that they cover, they rely on technology that unfortunately makes them costly to manufacture and crucially, limits their ability to protect against all 100+ known pneumococcal strains.
RVX-001 works in a completely different manner to existing pneumococcal vaccines.  Instead of targeting the sugar molecules on the outside of the bacteria – which vary from strain to strain, thus limiting the range of protection, RVX-001 was designed to target highly conserved proteins that are present on all 100 strains of pneumococcus. Preclinical studies have provided robust proof-of-concept for RVX-001 and work is ongoing to consolidate ReNewVax’s pre-CTA package. Initial clinical trials will commence in 2025. 


Inspired by modern science of Reverse Vaccinology, ReVacc focuses on development and commercialisation of novel vaccines and antibodies for infectious diseases. ReVacc Scientific is subsidiary of ReVacc, Inc.
ReVacc Scientific online store provides products and services for research lab and diagnosis manufacturer, collaborated with global distributors.