With just a few months to go before the World Vaccine Congress in Washington our start-up zone is already filling up quickly! We are delighted to share a quick preview of some of our registered start-ups, with more to come soon. If you are a start-up and would like to join your colleagues at the Congress, do make an application here.  Contact isabella.aung@terrapinn.com for queries or more details. 

If your application is successful, you will receive the following benefits: 

  • 1m wall space in the Start-up Zone 
  • 2 passes to the conference and exhibition 
  • Branding and marketing materials 
  • Access to our networking portal 

Further details can be found on the Congress website; don’t delay as spaces are limited!

Who is already in the zone? 

Develops effective, safe, and affordable vaccines and virotherapies against serious diseases. Their vision is to bring affordable modern medicine to global mass markets. The technology is a powerful and versatile platform that harnesses natural biological processes to produce inherently safe vaccines and therapies reliably, quickly, and at a lower cost than alternatives. 

Aegis Life, Inc. 

A biotechnology company with a mission to prevent and treat existing, emerging, and future contagions. They leverage a highly differentiated gene delivery system technology, ‘Fusogenix’, with the aid of a tiny fusion protein. Fusogenix stems from over two decades of research and development.  


A private Franco-Canadian clinical stage biotech bringing a new form of immunotherapy. Angany has developed a first-in-class modular, autoadjuvanted, immunologically neutral, biosynthetic bioparticle. This sophisticated, membrane (enveloped) immunomodulatory vector displays target antigens in surface motifs mimicking that of pathogens.  

Angany’s proprietary eBioparticles are produced in vivo in one manufacturing step. They can turn any antigen into a potent immunogen. Angany’s first 2 assets target allergy and demonstrate remarkable features of immunogenicity and hypo allergenicity. These are key attributes in advancing towards the established goal of treating allergy with a new generation of disease-modifying biologics administered as typical vaccines.

Angany’s human allergy to cat therapeutic candidate entered first-in-human clinical trials in December 2022 while its peanut allergy candidate vaccine should follow in 2023. Assets in oncology are being developed in collaboration with an esteemed academic group. Assets targeting degenerative and autoimmune and other conditions are in early stage of development. Angany has developed a strong partnership with Nextmune/Vimian in veterinary applications of the same biotechnology.  

ARV Technologies 

Advanced RNA Vaccine Technologies (ARV Technologies) is a USA and China based biotechnology company passionate about innovating safer and more efficient RNA preventive vaccines for infectious diseases and therapeutic vaccines for cancer. Founded in 2021, the ARV team dedicates their time to focus on mRNA vaccine research and optimising their lipid nanoparticle delivery technology in order to create safer and more efficient vaccines for human health. They have developed platforms for both human and animal applications with three patents filed and two more in preparation. 


A discovery stage biotech company developing universal vaccines with future-proof antigens. The technology is based on a proprietary deep learning platform that models pathogen evolution and immune responses to generate artificial antigens compatible with any delivery systems such as mRNA, viral vectors, and nanoparticles.

Founded by a team that pioneered computational approaches to design vaccines against infectious diseases while at the Jenner Institute University of Oxford, with two multi-strain coverage vaccines currently in clinical trials, Baseimmune is now leveraging its next-generation technology to generate longer lasting and mutation-proof antigens that can be applied to highly complex, rapidly mutating pathogens, and emerging pathogens.

After raising £4.5M in late 2021, Baseimmune is now focused on the pre-clinical development of several universal mutation-proof human and veterinary vaccines including Malaria, Coronavirus and African Swine Fever.  

Blue Lake Biotechnology 

A vaccine start-up with proprietary viral delivery technology intended for intranasal delivery. Their mission is to tackle the world’s most pressing infectious diseases that can be easily delivered worldwide.  

Boost Biopharma 

A familiar name and the developer of AdaptVax, a platform that rapidly (<45 days) creates highly immunogenic and expressible protein vaccine antigens. This enables the rapid updating of vaccines to current viral strains, which is especially critical for SARS-CoV-2 and other emerging threats. Using AdaptVax, Boost has generated a complete library of best-in-class, next-generation SARS-CoV-2 RBD protein antigens that show exceptional results in primate studies conducted in the USA, in addition to being highly expressible, stable, and low cost (less than 10% of the cost of mRNA).

Boost SARS-CoV-2 next-generation antigens are being evaluated by some of the world’s leading vaccine manufacturers. They have also generated a pan-Omicron monoclonal antibody (>99.9% inhibition of RBD-ACE2 receptor binding for all BA.X variants tested, including BA.4/5, and an IC50 <0.25 nM) that is currently available for license. Boost initial patent applications were filed in June 2020, and the company is led by an experienced team of scientific and business talent.  

With many more start-ups to follow, we hope you are excited to get networking and collaborating soon. Stay tuned for more updates and make sure you have your tickets to meet your colleagues in time!