With just over two months left until the World Vaccine Congress in Barcelona this October our start-up zone continues to grow! This week we are pleased to continue introducing more organisations that have already booked their place at the event. To see previous introductions head over to our technology section.  

Why be a start-up at the World Vaccine Congress?   

Start-ups whose applications are successful are entitled to several unique benefits, including exhibition wall space, 2 complimentary passes, and marketing materials. For the first time at this event, there is the opportunity to participate in a 5-minute pitch during lunch breaks, an exciting way of introducing yourselves to colleagues and potential partners.    

Our wonderful start-up manager, Isabella Aung, will receive your application and guide you through the process. She is looking forward to hearing more from interested companies, so do get in touch with her here via email (isabella.aung@terrapinn.com) or head straight to the application page here.    

“I am super excited to connect with and welcome even more start-ups to our start-up zone at our Congress this October! It’s going to be our biggest and most exciting start-up zone yet!” 
Cocoon Bioscience 
  • Founded in 2022 the organisation leverages a novel, automated expression system in which insects in their chrysalis stage serve as natural bioreactors. 
  • The team’s R&D and Manufacturing facilities are in Spain, where they produce high performance recombinant proteins and enzymes for healthcare and bioprocess applications at price points significantly lower than other, traditional expression systems.  
  • A medical device company based in Antwerp, Belgium, founded in 2020.  
  • Develops, produces, and commercialises innovative medical devices like the flagship product, VAX-ID, which allows for accurate, reliable, and user-independent intradermal drug delivery. It is an award-winning, patented device.  
  • The team, comprising 4 people, is in the process of obtaining its ISO13485 certification as well as CE marking and FDA approval of its drug delivery device as a Class IIa device. Key applications include prophylactic and therapeutic vaccine delivery as well as immunotherapy.  
ReVacc Scientific 
  • The team’s expertise is manufacturing pseudovirus reporter, a tool to evaluate efficacy of vaccines, screen drugs, or study viral entrance mechanism. 
  • Has multiple technologies for the development of pseudovirus reporter, covering fields of Arenavirus, Coronavirus, Filovirus, Flavivirus, and more. 
  • Test kits and antibody and recombinant protein products are available, as well as services like customised pseudovirus generation, customised protein generation, antibody discovery, or neutralising antibody titer evaluation.  
Salve Therapeutics 
  • Over 5% of newborns suffer from a genetic disease, including single gene, polygenic, and chromosomal disorders. Many other non-congenital diseases with genetic components are activated by environmental triggers. Sophisticated gene therapies could cure these diseases, easing patient burdens and improving the quality of life.  
  • Current gene therapies are mostly limited to plasmid-based and Adeno-associated virus variants with inefficient response rates and limited use. Better viral delivery methods would expand the available pharmacopeia to produce precision medicines for intractable and incurable genetic diseases.  
  • Based in Los Angeles, Salve Therapeutics is building VirCAD (Virus Computer-Aided Design), an HPC-powered, AI/ML/Edge-capable bioCAD platform to mine, design, model, and test new viral drugs for improved cell and gene therapies, vaccines, oncolytics, antibiotics, and other categories. These modalities will treat the many inherited and acquired genetic disorders afflicting patients due to their therapeutic specificity, efficiency, and customisability.  

If you would like to join your colleagues in this exciting and continuously growing start-up zone, fill out an application here or contact Isabella here: isabella.aung@terrapinn.com   

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