Another week closer to World Vaccine Congress in Barcelona this October, and our start-up zone is expanding all the time! This week we are pleased to continue introducing more organisations that have already booked their place at the event. To see previous introductions head over to our technology section.   

Why be a start-up at the World Vaccine Congress?    

Start-ups whose applications are successful are entitled to several unique benefits, including exhibition wall space, 2 complimentary passes, and marketing materials. For the first time at this event, there is the opportunity to participate in a 5-minute pitch during lunch breaks, an exciting way of introducing yourselves to colleagues and potential partners.     

Our wonderful start-up manager, Isabella Aung, will receive your application and guide you through the process. She is looking forward to hearing more from interested companies, so do get in touch with her here via email ( or head straight to the application page here.     

“I am super excited to connect with and welcome even more start-ups to our start-up zone at our Congress this October! It’s going to be our biggest and most exciting start-up zone yet!”  
Anodyne Devices 
  • The motto of Anodyne is “no stress, no pain, and no needles”; it is an emerging speciality medical device company focused on commercialising needle-free (NFJI) delivery technologies. 
  • It was founded to be a leader in the global market and commercialise novel needle-free liquid jet devices in medical, cosmetics, veterinary, and speciality applications. 
Biotome Pty Ltd 
  • Founded in 2017, in Australia, Biotome is based on the discovery of immunology markers that identify high risk of gastric cancer development.  
  • The human immune system is incredibly accurate, but details of an immune response can be blurred in conventional antibody or serology tests. Biotome’s precision immunology approach targets specific antibodies using small, precise pieces of proteins.  
  • The next-generation antibody tests surpass current antibody screening, and markers can be patented for use in diagnostics.  
 ConserV Bioscience Ltd 
  • A vaccine company that is focused on advancing safe and effective vaccines against endemic and emergent pathogens, aiming at broad-spectrum protection.  
  • The team selects antigens by identifying the highly conserved regions of the pathogen proteins, discarding regions that are susceptible to change. The next step is prediction of reactive T cell epitopes using their in silico proprietary platform. The combination of conservation and epitope reactivity data facilitates selection of candidate antigens, which are formulated and delivered either as subunit peptide, mRNA, DNA, etc.  
  • The approach has already generated clinical vaccine candidates, which have demonstrated safety, immunogenicity, and efficacy and preclinical and clinical stages.  
  • A recent biotech startup with a patented platform technology called Ensilication, which can be applied to storage and transport of vaccines, antibodies, and other biopharmaceuticals, without the need for refrigeration or freezing.  
  • The cold-chain system is costly and prone to failure, resulting in over 50% of vaccines being wasted. Ensilication is a novel method for encasing thermally unstable biomolecules within a silica network to prevent degradation at room temperature, improving shelf life. 
  • The technology is designed for application to both new and existing formulations, presenting cost savings, reducing wastage, and increasing global accessibility.  


If you would like to join your colleagues in this exciting and continuously growing start-up zone, fill out an application here or contact Isabella here:    

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