Getting closer to the World Vaccine Congress in Barcelona this October, our start-up zone is continuing to grow! This week we are pleased to present more organisations that have already secured their spaces. To see previous introductions head over to our technology section.   

Why be a start-up at the World Vaccine Congress?    

Start-ups whose applications are successful are entitled to several unique benefits, including exhibition wall space, 2 complimentary passes, and marketing materials. For the first time at this event, there is the opportunity to participate in a 5-minute pitch during lunch breaks, an exciting way of introducing yourselves to colleagues and potential partners.     

Our wonderful start-up manager, Isabella Aung, will receive your application and guide you through the process. She is looking forward to hearing more from interested companies, so do get in touch with her here via email ( or head straight to the application page here.     

“I am super excited to connect with and welcome even more start-ups to our start-up zone at our Congress this October! It’s going to be our biggest and most exciting start-up zone yet!” 
  • A pioneering spinoff of the University of Newcastle has developed a scalable technology to boost yield, reduce costs, and improve quality for biopharmaceuticals and other cellular products.
  • The innovation combines unique cell detachment reagents with advanced bioprocess design, allowing seamless continuous processing of adherent cells.
  • This is beneficial for applications involving cells that are challenging to adapt or compromise quality when scaled using suspension methods.
  • The solution is a significant step forward in enhancing adherent cell processing efficiency and quality.
  • A CRUK-led biotech spinout in collaboration with Oxford University has developed a highly novel, patented anti-metastatic vaccine that can be combined with surgery and adjuvant chemotherapy to prevent metastases.
  • Cancer vaccines that can generate high-magnitude immune responses directed to tumour-specific antigens represent promising novel cancer therapies. However, existing approaches have failed to succeed due to poor treatment regimens, suboptimal vaccine delivery platforms, and poor selection of tumour antigens.
  • In preclinical studies the vaccine has conferred unprecedented long-term protection and absolute suppression of metastases in multiple tumour models.
iuvantium Ltd.
  • The alarming increase of antimicrobial resistance of pathogenic bacteria and fungi is a major global health threat. At iuvantium, they believe the immune system is the best line of defence to fight infectious diseases.
  • Unfortunately, current vaccine technologies are not effective enough to unlock its full potential.
  • The team is developing a new class of inorganic immune modulators for use in next-generation vaccines to prevent disease and overcome the problem of AMR.
  • The inorganic technology platform is highly versatile and can be engineered to elicit a highly predictable immune response, which allows customisation of immune modulators for any given disease setting. The initial focus is on developing Th17-inducing modulators to elicit robust immunity against extracellular bacteria and fungal infections, for which there are currently few or no vaccines available.
  • iuvantium believes that innovation is driven by collaboration across disciplines and indications, and actively seeks commercial and academic partners to collaborate with on the next generation of advanced vaccines.
  • A VC-backed biotech company that focuses on the development of sustainable and animal-free products for biotechnology.
  • The team has formulated a replacement for FBS in cell culture with significantly reduced cost and sustainability over FBS.
  • Furthermore, the microcarrier technology has enabled them to cultivate cells at scale using biodegradable and edible materials.
  • They believe that their innovations can find wide applications in cell therapy, vaccine and antibody production, and alternative protein sectors.

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